Solo Performances

at Microfest 2001 Playing Bill Alves's Concerto Other Minds 14

2017—February: as Howard Cosell in Laura Karpman’s “Balls” • First Take • Aratani Theatre, LA

March: “Plucking Lou Harrison” • MicroFest • Villa Aurora, Los Angeles

May: “Lou Harrison Centennial Celebration” • Peace United Church • New Music Works • Santa Cruz, CA

October: “Partch & Lou Harrison” • Zebulon • Los Angeles, CA

December: “Lou Harrison: Music of the Pacific” • REDCAT • Los Angeles, CA

2016—February: “American Mavericks” • WPAC Concert Hall • Miami International GuitART Festival

March: “Harry Partch: The Truth About Tune” • The World According To Bob • City University, London, UK

March: “Microtonal Man” • Far Off Sounds • Youtube Video

August 4–14: Chinese Tour • Guangzhou • sponsored by Kapok Guitars

2015—February: “Bonnie & Clyde“ (excerpts) • First Take • Wallis Annenberg Center • Beverly Hills CA

October: “Hopscotch“ (voiceovers) • The Industry LA • Los Angeles CA

2014—April: as Robert E. Lee in Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s CIVIL warS•Disney Concert Hall• Minimalist Jukebox Festival • Los Angeles CA

April: Just Strings • MicroFest • Claremont CA

June: “Fantasies in Crystal” • Santa Monica Museum of Art • Santa Monica CA

“Fantasies in Crystal”• Brand Library • Glendale CA

2013—January: José Maceda: Strata • Monday Evening Concerts • Los Angeles CA

April: Concert & lectures • Katzin Concert Hall• ASU Microtonal Festival • Tempe AZ

2012—April: Ben Johnston: The TavernMicroFest • Orange CA

September: John Cage: The 10,000 Things (premiere) • Jacaranda • Santa Monica CA

“Best of 2012” — LA Times

“Early Partch” • The Harry Partch Legacy • New England Conservatory • Boston MA

2011—Just Guitars

January: “Fixing the Frets” • Faszination Gitarre • Musikinstrumenten-Museum • Berlin DE

March: Alan Hovhaness: Spirit of Trees • Jacaranda • Santa Monica, CA

June: “Re-Genesis of a Music” • Internationaler Kongress Mikrotonalität • Stuttgart DE

Chico Mello: Quem/those (premiere) • MicroFest • Villa Aurora • Los Angeles CA

September: Music by Harrison, Johnston, Partch & Schneider • SASSAS • Hollywood CA

Youtube Video of Ben Johnston’s “The Tavern”

“Picasso/Braque” • Santa Barbara Museum of Art • Santa Barbara CA

2010—American Mavericks

Music by Harrison, Johnston, Partch & Schneider

February: LACC, Los Angeles., CA

February: Mauricio Kagel: Eine Brise • Monday Evening Concerts • Los Angeles., CA

March: Schuster Hall • Creative Arts Center • Dayton, OH (Lecture + concert)

Microtonal guitarist John Schneider, slapping an endless series of interchangeable fretboards on his axe, started us out with a 100-minute introduction to the history of tuning that hit every salient point, made every principle clear, demonstrated every nuance beautifully on the guitar, and was thoroughly delightful and entertaining. If you ever need a lecturer on this topic, he's your man. I couldn't have done it. In five hours or 15 weeks I can make a lot of good points about tuning, but he's distilled it into a compact traveling road show.—Kyle Gann

May: “Party for Betty!” • REDCAT • Los Angeles CA

July: “The Cutting Edge” 2 concerts • NY Guitar Seminar • Mannes College • NYC

“Harrison, Johnston & Schneider” • John Schaefer’s New Sounds • WNYC• New York
Audio from WNYC

August: “American Mavericks” • Pianola Museum • Amsterdam

“American Mavericks” • Humboldt University • Berlin

September: “Sound Art” • Partch Instruments lecture/demo • USC • Los Angeles CA
Youtube Video of Lecture

December: “American Mavericks” • The Flywheel • Northhampton MA

December/January: Host: “Freeway Series” • KUSC • Los Angeles CA

2009—Other Minds 14

March: Music by Ben Johnston (premiere)Harry Partch & John Schneider • OTHER MINDS • San Francisco CA

April: lecture/demo • Royal College of Music • Stockholm Sweden

concert • Birka Folk School • Östersund Sweden

September: “Harry Partch & the Authentic Voice of America,” Soul of a People: Writing America’s Story • San Jose State University • San Jose CA

November: Ingram Marshall: Soe Pa • Jacaranda • Santa Monica CA

2008—Made in California

Microtonal music by Lou Harrison, Harry Partch, Terry Riley & John Schneider

February: Recital Hall • Hampshire College • Amherst MA

Lecture recital • Manhatten School of Music • NYC

Fine Arts Recital Hall • UMBC • Baltimore MD

April: Pasadena Museum of California Art • Pasadena CA

May: Bill Alves: Concerto for Guitar & Gamelan (premiere) • MicroFest • Los Angeles CA

September: Lou Harrison: Scenes from Nek Chand + SerenadeCarlsbad Festival • Carlsbad CA

October: William Kraft: Encounter XV (premiere) • Southwest Chamber Music • Los Angeles CA

November: JS Plays the Classics • Boston Court • Pasadena CA

2006—Por Gitaro

October: “Music of Lou Harrison” • Boston Court • Pasadena CA

December: Southwest Chamber Music Vietnam-Cambodia tour

Lecture recital • Hanoi Conservatory • Hanoi Vietnam

Takemitsu: The Seasons • Hanoi Opera House • Hanoi Vietnam

2005—April: “Just Mavericks” • Just Intonation Network Concerts • San Francisco CA

May: “MicroGuitar Summit” • MicroFest UCLA • Los Angeles CA

September: “Made in California” • La Guitarra California • San Luis Obispo CA

2004—March: “Music of Harry Partch” • Songlines Series Mills College • Oakland CA

March: “American Mavericks” Recital • University of Memphis • Memphis TN

2003—January: “Barstow” (staged) • Contemporary Opera Marin • Kentfield CA

July: “Barstow,” Contemporary Opera Marin • Britten Theatre • London UK

“American Mavericks” • Bolivar Hall • London UK

1998—May: “Harrison, Pärt, & Partch” • American Festival of Microtonal Music • New York NY

“A Delight…”–N.Y. Times

1997—May: “Harrison, Pärt, & Partch” • MicroStock • Denver CO

1995—October: “Harrison & Partch” • MicroStock • Denver CO

1985—November: Lois V Vierk: “Go Guitars” Premiere • New Music America • Valencia CA